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An artist with a keyboard instead of a brush. I paint in words and descriptions.

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I daydream as a past time. Constantly living and imagining in colour and expression helps me to write creatively. Whether it be fictional romance or business copy.

Human behavior and interaction are very intriguing to me. From Sociology to marketing, I love learning about people, what they do and what influences them on an individual basis as well as collectively.

I love the power of words. How it moves us to think, feel and act. Words can be just as powerful an art as paint on a canvas. Maybe even more so. With words you can make people sad, arouse their senses and make them laugh.

If you're looking for a creative writer to help you with a project, I'm available to help. If you're looking for a someone to manage your social media, I'm available to help. I currently manage social pages in retail and business.