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English as a Second Language Teacher | English and Spanish Tutor at Professionally Speaking BB | English / Spanish Translator at Professionally Speaking BB | Entrepreneur | Travel Agent | Content Creator

Dedicated to the fulfilment of my work with the utmost potential; a talented leader with effective communication skills in both English and Spanish. With the ability to speak Chinese and French, I intend to employ my skills and education to make a positive impact within the organization. My goal stretches far beyond financial acquisition, as it is to surpass the best of my abilities and ensure that the organization thrives from my contribution and presence. Passionate about the experience, in addition to delighting students, and driving repeat interest and enthusiasm in others, I stand renowned for going the extra mile to ensure that the objectives set are in fact achieved. Throughout my career thus far, I successfully conducted the study of An Analysis of Motivation(s) for Foreign Language Learning amongst non-FHE (Faculty of Humanities and Education) Students at the Cave Hill Campus. Garnering my wide arsenal of skills in languages, Microsoft Office, communication skills, interpersonal skills, successful student and parent interaction, team building and company success, among other skills, my career experience rest within secondary school teaching, translating and transcribing. I share passions for entrepreneurship, photography, art, decorating, reading, philanthropy and helping others in need, unique creativity, recycling, content creation, travel and theatre arts. These passions developed from a tender age, and were molded and developed throughout my academic years. I pride myself on my love for teaching, translating and all things Spanish especially culture. I humbly believe that my persistent and driven personality allows me to shine among others and be outstanding.

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