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A website designer and developer with a hunger to create

I was born in the country of Trinidad and Tobago, on the 12th of April, 1992 to my parents Don and Clara Douglas. I was the youngest of two boys. I fell in love with computers at an early age, my mother saw my affinity towards it and encouraged it by purchasing computer games like Putt Putt and that’s when my love grew stronger. In 2007 while in high school I enrolled in a computer repairs course to better understand how the computer works, how I can troubleshoot problems and even build my own system. I was successful in that course but I still wanted more. After completing my A’ Level studies, I decided to pursue my Bachelors in Computer Science with an Emphasis in Software Development at the University of the Southern Caribbean in Trinidad and Tobago. Once completing it I decided to start my own business since my country did not have many job opportunities available in this field. I still continued to develop myself in learning computer repairs and micro soldering repair for mainly phone repairs. But my love for software and computer technology never went away, so I continued to design websites for local businesses. However, at that time I mainly designed websites with WordPress as the turn around time was faster and they could easily update it themselves after the site was completed. This changed in 2022 due to Covid-19 when the economy changed for the worst in my country . So I decided to once again see what was available in the job market. Most employers wanted a Full Stack Web Developer not just a Web Designer which used the crutch of WordPress. So I decided to continue my studies in Web Development in hopes of making myself more attractive to future employers.

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I am an ambitious, perfectionist who enjoys adding value to the lives of others'. My goal is to lighten your load, lessen your overhead, organize and manage your schedule among many other things that can be done online. Virtual assistance makes it convenient for you to, simply, relax or choose your work schedule by allowing me to handle all of your nagging tasks.

Hello, I'm Mia your TRUSTED assistant, let me tell you a little about myself and what I offer.  I have been working in the Virtual Assistant field for just over 4 years, however, I have worked in Administration for just over 18 years. With a background in entertainment, I have a great love and passion for pleasing and catering to others.  Being able to turn my passion into a career has made this experience so enjoyable and fulfilling!  I take great care and pride in my work and loyalty to each person I am paired with.  Client retention and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to me, as it should be, any business provider.  Understanding the importance of that, my goal is to ease the pressure of Customer Relations by representing your business or brand in a professional and efficient manner.  The services I provide are constantly increasing.  If it can be done online I am here to get it done.  Those services include, but are not limited to:    Basic Video Editing  Basic Photo editing  Graphic Design Services  Project Management Support  Research  Online Shopping Bill Payment  Homework Assistance  Expense Management  Social Media Management  Data Entry Task Management  Travel management Call Management  Diary & Email Management  CRM Management Calendar Management Content Writing Editing  Event Planning Staff Management

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English as a Second Language Teacher | English and Spanish Tutor at Professionally Speaking BB | English / Spanish Translator at Professionally Speaking BB | Entrepreneur | Travel Agent | Content Creator

Dedicated to the fulfilment of my work with the utmost potential; a talented leader with effective communication skills in both English and Spanish. With the ability to speak Chinese and French, I intend to employ my skills and education to make a positive impact within the organization. My goal stretches far beyond financial acquisition, as it is to surpass the best of my abilities and ensure that the organization thrives from my contribution and presence. Passionate about the experience, in addition to delighting students, and driving repeat interest and enthusiasm in others, I stand renowned for going the extra mile to ensure that the objectives set are in fact achieved. Throughout my career thus far, I successfully conducted the study of An Analysis of Motivation(s) for Foreign Language Learning amongst non-FHE (Faculty of Humanities and Education) Students at the Cave Hill Campus. Garnering my wide arsenal of skills in languages, Microsoft Office, communication skills, interpersonal skills, successful student and parent interaction, team building and company success, among other skills, my career experience rest within secondary school teaching, translating and transcribing. I share passions for entrepreneurship, photography, art, decorating, reading, philanthropy and helping others in need, unique creativity, recycling, content creation, travel and theatre arts. These passions developed from a tender age, and were molded and developed throughout my academic years. I pride myself on my love for teaching, translating and all things Spanish especially culture. I humbly believe that my persistent and driven personality allows me to shine among others and be outstanding.

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