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Caribbean content writer with a passion for travel, food and exploration. However, I am open to any and all new opportunities for growth and new experiences.

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I was born and raised in Trinidad. However, I decided to go to Jamaica to pursue further studies. I am a former medical student. However, due to financial constraints, I was forced to withdraw. Instead of dwelling on this adversity, I have used it as an opportunity to switch career paths as I have always had a passion for languages and writing. This passion has even made me decide to start my own blog while at University. Since then, I have also been given the opportunity to write for other blogs and literary pieces.

I am a persistent individual and consider myself to be a bit of a perfectionist. As a result, I pay keen attention to details. though some persons may view this as a weakness of mine (I did too), I now view this as a strength since it constantly allows me the opportunity to improve any work that I do.

As a Caribbean citizen and understanding our history, I have grown to appreciate diversity. Additionally, after spending so much of my life in Jamaica, I have grown to appreciate cultural differences and so it is my desire to one day travel the world experiencing as many as possible. In my free time, I enjoy reading self-help books and engaging in other activities that contribute to my development, whether physically, mentally or socially.