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I am a 21 year old, queer Barbadian creator. I have long been both a lover and active participant in all things art. Refusing to be pigeonholed in her expression she has experimented with many different mediums throughout her artistic career, including drama, dance, music, fine arts, jewelry and digital art. This has showcased her ability to diversify and also shows her dynamic nature as an artist. I pride myself on never being afraid to exhibit my multifaceted abilities to ensure my creative vision is physically manifested. I use my craft as a means of catharsis to cope with life’s many experiences and challenges. As such her work often includes themes of spirituality, the journeys that are sexuality and sexual discovery, mental health, the experiences of blackness and inclusivity and the diversity of the female form. Currently enrolled within the Faculty of Culture, Creative and Performing Arts at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill reading for a Bachelor of Arts in Film and employed at the Centre for Hybrid Studies as a resident curator. I hope to continue as a curator and become a creative and artistic director.