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Having served as the Communication Head at my church for 2 years, I understand the importance of communication. Additionally, I have taught Communication Studies at the 6th form level, as well as English Language and Literature up to grade 11. I am also a published author who has two articles published in books relating to gender and development, and recently I wrote an e-book on building resilient relationships.

With over 5 years experience in administration and over 3 years experience in the classroom, I understand the value of good work ethic. My qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts in Literatures in English with a minor in Gender and Development Studies and a Post Graduate Diploma in Language Education.

I have almost 10 years experience in proofreading and copy-editing and I have written blog articles for food bloggers. During my work life, I have received awards such as 'Outstanding Form Teacher', 'employee of the Year' and 'Most Dedicated Employee'. I have a passion for helping others and desire to become a communication specialist or psychologist some day.